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Also known as: Manilkara bidentata, Brazilian Redwood, Macaranduba, Bullet wood, Red balata

Massaranduba Decking

Advantage Massaranduba Decking: Beauty & Robust Strength in One Package

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What is Massaranduba Decking?

Massaranduba (pronounced Ma-Sa-Ran-Doo-bah) is a hardwood native to South America. It bears the distinction of being one of the most beautiful and hardest woods in the world. One surprising fact about this natural hardwood is how well it performs under heavy load (bending strength) tests. These tests revealed that, as a decking material, Massaranduba is twice as strong as California Redwood and is even stronger than Ipe decking.

Sure, those technical statistics are impressive. But, the real driving force behind the popularity of our Massaranduba decking centers on one thing...that beautiful velvet red look. Many of our customers call us asking for California Redwood only to switch when they see the rich red look of Massaranduba.

See for yourself how Massaranduba compares to Redwood decking and other common woods.

Massaranduba Decking Prices

Standard Massaranduba Decking

Massaranduba 5/4x6 Standard

1″ x 5 ½″

Pregrooved Massaranduba Decking

Massaranduba 5/4x6 Pregrooved

1″ x 5 ½″

Massaranduba 5/4x6 One-Sided Pregrooved

1″ x 5 ½″

Massaranduba Tongue & Groove Decking

Massaranduba 5/4x6 Tongue & Groove

15/16″ x 5″

*Tongue & Groove is for use under covered porches only.
Decking sold in even and odd lengths between 6' to 20'.
We can pull your order to specific lengths.
Add an additional upcharge of $0.80 per lineal foot for 15+ foot lengths.
Add $1.00 per lineal foot for 19' & 20' lengths.
We ship Massaranduba decking worldwide!!!
> All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice <
~All Measurements Are Approximate and May Vary Slightly~

FSC© Certified Advantage Massaranduba in Miami, Florida

Discover why contractor Fermin Acevedo chose FSC® Certified Massaranduba from to transform this home in Miami, FL. This project showcases the beauty of Advantage Massaranduba (also known as Brazilian Redwood) and our company's ability to supply sustainably harvested decking to your home or job site.

Popular in Europe, Massaranduba is a Brazilian redwood that actually lives up to its name. Boasting a 30+ year lifespan, you can enjoy outdoor living with our Massaranduba decking year round without having to worry about constant staining, or heavy duty maintenance. Here are some more reasons why our Massaranduba decking is the right choice for you:

Compare Massaranduba Decking to California Redwood

Compare Massaranduba Decking! - Compare the available hardwood deck options. Read the comparison here and then give us a Call. By any measure (hardness, strength, durability, appearance), our Massaranduba Decking is clearly a superior decking material across the board. Don't take our word for it, ask for a sample. Our Massaranduba Decking speaks for itself! All Massaranduba Decking is not the same there are different grades available, Call (1.877.232.3915) one of our representatives today to learn the difference. Our mills in Brazil cut only the finest logs for our decking production.