As a certified FSC® Chain of Custody company,® can work directly with lumber mills to provide you with FSC® flooring. We believe that the future of flooring will definitely be centered on eco-friendly flooring. Since 1992, we have been leading the way when it comes to developing eco-friendly flooring. As a result of our efforts, we are also happy to see more and more reports on why sustainable forestry practices are critical to the overall health of forests worldwide. By working with the Forest Stewardship Council®, we are able to take our commitment to eco-friendly flooring even further.

FSC Flooring

This is why we are proud to make available to contractors, architects and homeowners who want to eco-friendly floors, FSC® certified flooring that is made of premium grade hardwood.

The selection of FSC® flooring includes, but is not limited to:

So, if you need to complete a LEED building and want to quality for the MRc5 and/or the MRc7 credits, you can depend on our expertise and exceptional customer service. With that in mind, we also make getting your LEED certification easier because we can and will supply you with our company's FSC® Certification so that you can get those LEED credits approved in a timely manner.

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More About FSC® Wood & Decking

Click HERE for more information on the FSC® Decking that we offer:

FSC® Lumber is also available in a variety of exotic & domestic lumber species.

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