FSC® Brazilian Redwood

All of our FSC® Brazilian Redwood Decking material is certified by the The Forest Stewardship Council® ( FSC ® ). When you buy FSC® Brazilian Redwood Decking from us you can be sure that you are getting responsibly harvested lumber. Our FSC® decking material is produced in a fashion that ensures conversion of natural forests and other habitats around the world.

FSC® certified Brazilian Redwood Decking is also grown and processed with no added chemicals and preservatives. All of our FSC® decking materials are certified to be all organic with no additives. This all means that when you order your certified FSC® Brazilian Redwood Decking from us you will be sure to get a product that will last a lifetime with NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS ADDED.

Brazilian Redwood Color
This is what Brazilian Redwood looks like after it’s been oiled and allowed to age.

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More About FSC® Wood & Decking

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We also offer certified FSC® Decking in the following species:

FSC® Lumber is available in a variety of exotic & domestic lumber species.


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