milling beams
Milling Jatoba beams at our company-owned Brazilian mill.

Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) beams are great for gazebos, trellises, benches, and other exterior projects. Brazilian Cherry outperforms many woods outdoors and is extremely strong. Buy your hardwood beams direct from the source!

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Jatoba Beams

Jatoba 3x8 Beam

2½″ x 7 ¼″

Jatoba 3x12 Beam

2½″ x 11 ¼″

Jatoba Lumber VS Other Common Lumber Species

  Brazilian Cherry
Red Oak Spruce Pine
Janka Hardness 2,820 lb 1,290 lb 700 lb
Modulus of Rupture 22,5110 lbf/in² 14,380 lbf/in² 14,380 lbf/in²
Elastic Modulus 2,745,000 lbf/in² 1,761,000 lbf/in² 1,405,000 lbf/in²
Crushing Strength 11,780 lbf/in² 6,780 lbf/in² 5,660 lbf/in²
Average Dry Weight 57 lbs/ft³ 44 lbs/ft³ 33 lbs/ft³
Jatoba Also Available In:
Lumber Squares Blanks Beams Flooring

Ipe Beams

Ipe 3x8 Beam

2 ½″ x 7 ¼″

Ipe 3x12 Beam

2 ½″ x 11 ¼″
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milling beams
Jatoba gracefully turns a beautiful silver-grey color when left outside without an oil finish applied to it.

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