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Ipe Wood

Ipe wood is the most durable decking material available
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Jamaica Ipe Deck
ipe wood
Ipe Wood Creates Beautiful Outdoor Living Areas
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Ipe Wood Decking

ipe wood decking

We only offer the highest quality material at Advantage®

Welcome To Our Ipe Wood Directory!

Browse our extensive Ipe Wood directory to discover all the different applications Ipe Wood can be used in. The List is forever growing so be sure to check back often as we recieve new photos from our customers on almost a daily basis. These photos range from traditional Ipe Decks on residential homes to an expansive Jamaican Resort lesuire area constructed almost totally out of Ipe.

When homeowners or deck builders want to build a deck that will stand up to the test of time there really is only ONE CHOICE... Ipe Decking from Advantage Lumber, LLC.

We only offer the highest grade clear Ipe Wood Decking. Be wary of lower priced competitors decking because many of them sell lower grade decking and try to pass it off as equal decking. Unfortunately our competition does not have the same standards when it comes to offering only the best decking to consumers.

So, if you want a true low maintenance deck surface that is sure to stand up to the toughest weather condition or anything else you throw at it choose Ipe Wood from Advantage Lumber.

  Find Out MORE About Ipe Wood:
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Jamaica Ipe Deck

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